Profile – Alexandru Ruff

Alex is an innovation ecosystem professional, with over 15 years of extensive industry experience in the areas of the business development, working with small businesses/high tech companies, innovators, researchers from areas of IT&C, energy/renewables, automotive, health, nanotechnologies, etc. He had an advisory role in the development of the RICAP Accelerator. He also assisted the companies participating in the program with connections and partnerships to validate the technical solution/ market, IPR, funding and proposing EU/Private funding solutions. He participated also as an advisor / mentor in the RICAP program. He has also expertise in procedures and good practices for the implementation of the US-AID and EU Grants and incentives for small businesses and start-ups.

He is also investor in the 3D printing and Scanning group of companies and cofounder of the

Alex is a graduate of the Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics, Computer Science Mathematics and Economics, Department of Cybernetics and holds post-graduate studies in Communication and Public Relations, National School of Political and Administrative Studies.