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Cosmin Ochișor


Cosmin is a Partner at GapMinder.

His focus is on platforms from typical B2B / Enterprise solutions and Dev tools to consumer-focused. Cosmin has wide-ranging experience dealing with software products and identifying their strengths and weaknesses.

Cosmin led GapMinder’s investments into Frisbo, Smart Dreamers, Soleadify, DeepStash, Machinations, Innoship, and Planable.

Prior to GapMinder, Cosmin was with Deutsche Telekom in various roles including the role of Investment Manager for one of its investment arms, where he coordinated and managed deals all over the CEE region.

Cosmin is a highly experienced investor, having extensive knowledge and understanding of business models built around high-tech products and a great deal of experience working with early-stage teams.

Specialized in: Seed and Series A

Focus on: Platforms, Enterprise Software / SaaS, Dev tools