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Cristian Dascălu


Cristian is a Business Developer / Innovation Consultant & Entrepreneur. Cristian is the founder of ClujHUB, part of Transilvania Entrepreneurship & Innovation Center, organization that developed the first incubation program in the region and the entrepreneurial platform From 2016 he is member of the Romanian National Council on Entrepreneurship & Innovation and member of the board at the Science & Technology Park in Cluj-Napoca. At European level, he is co-founder of the Internet Innovation Hubs Network, with the HQ in Brussels.

He is a firm believer in the power of entrepreneurship as an economic and social solution to Romania’s needs, so much so that he has dedicated the last 8 years to this cause. Obtaining a Masters in Economics (specialization Management & Marketing), his professional background ranges from a vast experience in business development and sales consultancy to community development and management. Cristian is involved in developing a series of events aimed at the entrepreneurial and innovation area such as: TechFest in Romania, TEDxCluj, ClujIT Cluster & Cluj Innovation Days, Startup Live and others.

Cristian is a creative thinker, strategist and passionate networker. His professional background and capabilities in sales, management and personal relationships makes him a professional business developer.