Team Member

Dan Mihăescu

Founding Partner

Dan leads investments in B2B platforms enabled by Machine Learning, automation, AI, into cybersecurity, enterprise software / SaaS, automation, and fintech businesses.

Dan led GapMinder’s investments into FintechOS, TypingDNA, Cartloop, and DruidAI. He also serves as a sounding board for other partners into various investments of GapMinder.

Prior to GapMinder, Dan was with Microsoft, UPC / LGI, and GTS in various CxO roles.

Dan is a well-known investor and a highly experienced former executive, having a deep and broad understanding of High Tech and its trends, with extensive experience in venture acceleration, and M&A transactions.

Dan was born in Bucharest, Romania, and he is an INSEAD Alumnus and followed various VC & PE programs of EVCA and Harvard Business School.

Specialized in: Seed and Series A

Focus on: B2B, Automation, Enterprise Software / SaaS, Cybersecurity, Fintech



Dan Mihaescu