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Noteworthy receives EUR 300,000 investment from GapMinder Venture Partners, Oana Ciornei receives EUR 300,000 investment from GapMinder Venture Partners, Oana Ciornei, the largest online community dedicated to both employees and employers in Romania, continues its expansion on international markets with a EUR 300,000 investment received from GapMinder Venture Partners BV and Oana Ciornei, Managing Partner Amrop Romania & Global Amrop University Lead.

Founded in 2011 as a result of a perceived need in the market to be able to find feedback about companies directly from their employees, brings together the employer and the employee for a more transparent working environment in Romania.

“We constantly want to actively contribute to educating young people in Romania, to guide them in preparing for an interview and finding their desired job, but also to meet the needs of companies wishing to attract the best talents by their side. is more than just a platform, it is a committed community with growth potential and with today’s investment we continue our natural development in other countries such as Greece, Hungary, and the Czech Republic”, said Costin Tudor, CEO & Founder at

“The way we work and how we get paid will face a lot of changes during the next years. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly important for whom we work. I am convinced that can provide answers to young people and professionals preoccupied with their future, who want to make informed choices about their carriers. It can also provide answers to companies who want to better position themselves among these professionals. I am equally convinced that the team of young Romanian entrepreneurs behind does have the ambition and skill that is needed for an exponential development” says Oana Ciornei, Managing Partner Amrop Romania & Global Amrop University Lead.

“ is the newest addition to our portfolio. We granted this investment for the international development of the online platform as we see its potential of reshaping the way in which companies, job candidates and employees interact transparently on the labor market”, says Inti Paolucci, GapMinder Venture Partners BV. is the largest online community dedicated to Romanian employees, with more than 350.000 active members on the platform and over 250.000 user reviews such as work environment assessments, salary and benefit assessments, and information regarding job interview processes. In addition to the opportunities that employees can find on the platform, also addresses companies through various employer branding and targeted recruiting services.