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Romanian startup MEDIjobs opens first US office, gets USD 900,000 investment

MEDIjobs, the biggest medical recruitment platform in Romania, has obtained USD 900,000 in a new funding round led by Gapminder VC and other business angel investors. The company’s first angel investor was doctor Wargha Enayati last year.

In July, MEDIjobs opened its first office in New York, US, and already has 63 clients who together need to recruit over 1,000 people annually. The company plans to consolidate its presence on the US East Coast and explore a possible expansion to other US states next year.

MEDIjobs is also looking to expand its team in the Bucharest office.

“2019 has been an extremely good year so far, starting with our participation in the Techstars Berlin accelerator. It’s a year when we intended and managed to launch the MEDIjobs platform internationally. It’s a crucial moment in the company’s development and we’re extremely pleased to work alongside Gapminder. This investment will allow us to continue to expand our presence in Romania, where we’re working with almost 200 clinics and hospitals, as well as international operations. We have big plans for the next 12 months, so we’re actively looking for new, passionate colleagues in the software development, marketing and sales departments in the Bucharest office, who will help us turn MEDIjobs into another successful Romanian company at the international level,” said Catrinel Hagivreta, co-founder and CEO of MEDIjobs.
MEDIjobs was launched in summer 2015 and currently has almost 30,000 unique users on the platform as well as an 80 percent client retention rate.

“The lack of applicants for certain key positions and applications that don’t match the job requirements are some of the biggest challenges employers are facing. As the demand for candidates remains high, we’ve developed smart algorithms to automate selection and identify the best employee for each role. We’ve also reversed the recruitment process, meaning that once a good candidate is identified, companies address them directly by sending a personalized offer or ask them for additional information. Data show that companies using our platform manage to fill vacancies five times more quickly than through other recruitment platforms,” the MEDIjobs CEO added.